Morgridge Academy


Morgridge Academy employs a full time Education Media Specialist who assists with technology in the classroom as well as teaches library classes. Each class has the opportunity to check out books from our collection of over 6,000 items as well as to learn about Research, Digital Citizenship, and Tech Tools.

Our library catalog can be accessed from anywhere. Students can look up what books we have in our collection, see what books they have checked out, and access our ebooks. To access our online library catalog, click here.


We also offer a wide array of technology tools at Morgridge Academy that students are able to access. Some of the technology tools that we currently have are:

  • Morgridge Academy student in class.Chromebooks for all students
  • iPads for every student
  • Additional iPads on rotating schedule
  • Barnes and Noble Color Nooks
  • Barnes and Noble Regular Nooks
  • Laptop Cart
  • Promethean ActivBoards
  • Nintendo Wii

You may have heard about Flipped Classroom models recently in the news.  It is a growing trend in schools, and some of our classrooms have adopted this model.  If you imagine the "standard" classroom, you'll probably think about teachers teaching in the classroom, and then assigning the practice pages as homework. Well, a flipped classroom is just the opposite!  The kids watch an online video at home of their teacher teaching and then come to class to do the work and practice. Not only does this allow the teacher to see what the kids truly understand, but it allows students practice time with their teacher.

Because of this model, we have started a take home program with Chromebooks so that our students are able to utilize the teacher videos at home, which then allows them to practice what they've learned while at school.  This is all very exciting for us as we look forward to all of the amazing opportunities having Chromebooks in each household will bring!