Nuses in the Infection Prevention Program at National Jewish HealthAt National Jewish Health we recognize the value of our nurses' contributions to our health care environment and their promotion of an atmosphere of clinical excellence. We build systems that support nursing practice and teamwork and create an atmosphere that encourages nursing excellence.

As one of the foremost treatment and research facilities in the heart of Denver, CO, we offer unique nursing opportunities in the following areas:

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The Adult Care Unit provides services for a unique population of patients with chronic diseases such as bronchiectasis and other severe respiratory diagnoses. The nurses work with the clinical care team to manage the care of patients.

The RNs’ specialty skills include:

  • Use of advanced vascular access devices
  • Care for pulmonary surgery patients
  • Extensive dressing changes
  • Management of patients with a variety of chest tubes.

Professional nurses partner with team members of multiple disciplines including MAs, CNAs, respiratory therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, dietitians, rehab, fellows and attending physicians.

pediatric care unitThe specially trained pediatric nurses work with patients and their families to provide a unique, comprehensive service – the Pediatric Day Program. This program combines the intensity of an inpatient hospital stay with the cost savings of outpatient treatment.

The RNs’ specialty skills include:

  • Atopic dermatitis soak and seal skin care
  • Food challenges
  • Acute triage care for respiratory symptoms
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) certification
Professional nurses partner with team members of multiple disciplines including CNAs, child life specialists, respiratory therapists, physician assistants, fellows and attending pediatricians.
The Adult Clinic is a comprehensive, outpatient program that offers patients and their families a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation and management of respiratory, infectious, allergic or immunologic disorders. Our specially trained nurses are part of a care team which develops individualized plans of care based on each patient’s needs. Palliative Care Services are provided by a doctoral-prepared advanced practice nurse. We see local and out-of-state patients.

View the Anticoagulation Clinic storyboard (pdf).
pediatric clinic

The Pediatric Clinic at National Jewish Health is designed to provide patients and their families with highly specialized care to manage the child's illness. Our nurses and the clinical care team are specially trained to evaluate and manage children with asthma, allergies, pulmonary disorders, immunologic disorders and behavioral disorders. We see local and out-of-state patients from throughout the nation.

Infusion CenterThe nurses in the Infusion Centers provide holistic care for patients and families in a warm and supportive environment. The RNs care for patients throughout the life span — infants, pediatrics, adults and geriatrics.

The nurses work with the care team to manage the care of the patient and their family. The RNs’ specialty skills include:

  • Use of advanced vascular access devices,
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification,
  • Support for emergency by the Rapid Response Team

MIDCThe nursing personnel provide specialized care for patients with a variety of diagnostic, therapeutic and palliative pulmonary procedures as well as gastroenterology and otolaryngology services.

MIDC nurses and respiratory therapists provide highly skilled care in moderate sedation in addition to general and invasive procedures.

RNs in MIDC are required to have the following skills:

  • Use of advanced vascular access devices
  • ACLS and PALS certification
  • Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC) certification is optional but desired.
The collegiality among nurses, respiratory therapists and physicians allows for comprehensive collaboration of patient care in MIDC to promote patient safety and patient satisfaction.