National Jewish Health in Denver, CO, offers a variety of return-to-work services to help employers confidently welcome back employees and customers and keep everyone safe during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Return-to-work services are customized for your business to meet current industry, state and federal guidelines by our environmental & occupational health sciences experts.


Standard COVID-19 Return-to-Work Plan

Best for: Employers who need assistance with plans to get their employees back to work safely.

Our team will help you with medical and occupational health-related issues, including:

  • testing strategies for returning workers, including test type and frequency of surveillance
  • performing tests for workers through National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories
  • daily health screening plan for workers
  • adapting workplace testing strategy for newer, more accurate tests as they become available
  • evaluating current worker surveillance and work shifts to mitigate  exposure risks
  • assessing facility layout and use of common spaces to maximize social distancing and implement best practices for sanitation


Comprehensive COVID-19 Return-to-Work Plan

Best for: Workplaces that need an in-depth site assessment and pandemic strategy, and for those who are experiencing an active outbreak.

Comprehensive plan services include:

  • assessment of workplace hazards, including review of current safety and health work practices and sanitation practices; perform onsite assessment,  if necessary
  • identification of workers at risk, including where and how workers might been exposed, risk factors at home and community and workers individual risk factor
  • COVID-19 testing strategy development
  • performing tests for workers through National Jewish Health Advanced Diagnostic Laboratories
  • partner with onsite medical staff to perform recommended testing and test interpretation
  • develop COVID-19 risk reduction strategy based on prevalence of disease in the facility
  • set up ongoing COVID surveillance using serial testing
  • summary report of findings from Occupational Medicine physician with recommendations for future surveillance, if any
  • formal follow-up with client via video conference to present summary report and discuss any remaining questions
  • access to technical support via email and telephone following summary report delivery

Both standard and comprehensive plans include expedited access to the National Jewish Health COVID-19 Acute Respiratory Clinic for symptomatic employees and Respiratory Recovery Clinic for recovering employees. Workers Compensation accepted for clinical services.


Our Expertise

The National Jewish Health Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences team has more than three decades of experience working with employers to ensure compliance with industry, federal and state regulations and uphold worker safety standards. Our physicians are trusted by national medical organizations to develop the guidelines practiced by medical professionals throughout the United States. In fact, National Jewish Health expert Karin Pacheco, MD, MSPH co-authored the COVID-19 guidelines for the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Rest assured that our team will help you develop a return-to-work pandemic strategy that meets regulatory and public health standards and, most importantly, keeps everyone safe.


How to Order Return-to-Work Services for Your Business

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