Will my insurance plan cover treatment at National Jewish Health?
The only way to ensure that your treatment will be covered is to call your insurance company.


Do I have to be referred by a National Jewish Health doctor?
No. Any physician can refer you for Rehab at National Jewish Health. Your doctor can fax prescriptions and information to us at 303.270.2238 or call us at 303.398.1490.


What is the cost for aquatic classes?
$5 per session or $40 per calendar month.


Where do I pay?
We have a sign-in desk at the pool and payment can be made to any therapist on duty. Cash or checks payable to "National Jewish Health" are accepted. We do not accept credit cards.


How do I enroll?
Download the Physician Authorization Form (pdf) or call 303.398.1336 to have one sent to you. Have your physician fill out and sign the form. It can be faxed from your doctor's office to 303.270.2238.

Once the form is completed, contact Paul - the pool coordinator - at 303.398.1336 to confirm your first visit and have any questions answered.


How far will I have to walk from my car to the pool?
The pool is located in the school building at the far side of the campus from the entrance. From the main lobby, take the elevator to the basement and follow the signs to the pool. To gain access to the school, one must approach from the basement tunnel. The distance is approximately 700 feet, so allow plenty of time. Chairs are set up along the way if you need to rest.


What should I bring?
Towels and lockers are provided during your session. We do not provide locks, so if you wish to lock up valuables, bring your own. Otherwise, you can bring your things into the pool area while you participate in the class. Whether you prefer to wear a swim suit, or are more comfortable in T-shirt and shorts, bring those with you, along with any toiletries you may need. Please note: National Jewish Health is a "scent-free" environment due to the respiratory sensitivities of our patients. Please do not bring perfumes, colognes or scented soap, hair spray, etc. to the pool.


How warm is the water?
Our pool is the largest warm water pool in Denver. We keep the temperature between 92-94 degrees.


Should I attend a class or have an individual instructor?
Check first with your physician. If he/she would wants you to be treated by a Physical Therapist, a prescription indicating "one on one Physical Therapy in water" is required. Call 303.398.1490 to register and make an appointment. Be advised that not all insurance plans will cover therapy at National Jewish Health.

If your physician wants you to exercise in a group setting, only the MD authorization form is required.


Will insurance cover the cost of group classes?
No. Exercise classes are not covered by any insurance companies.


What if I don't know how to swim?
Most classes are conducted in shallow water with participants' feet on the bottom. You don't even get your hair wet!

Can I do my own exercises in the pool?
Most classes allow for participants to do their own exercise program. The instructors are open to your doing alternative or additional exercises as space permits. Unfortunately we don't have times available for free or lap swimming.


Can I bring my own trainer or therapist to the pool with me?
National Jewish Health has therapists available for one on one treatment. Because of liability and conflict of interest issues, we cannot allow outside therapists to use our pool with their clients.


What if I need help in the pool area or getting to the pool?
To participate, you must be independent with personal hygiene, dressing, and getting in and out of the pool. If you need assistance or close supervision with the exercises, you may bring a helper to assist you at no additional charge. Because of the number of participants our classes, instructors cannot give individual aid.


Do you use chlorine?
Yes. However, it is a milder solution than used in most public pools.


What if I need supplemental oxygen?
We have a limited supply of oxygen tanks available at the pool, as well as long tubing for use during the class.