COVID-19 Assessment Program (CAP)

The road to recovery from a COVID-19 infection can be long. After some symptoms have ended, there are children who continue to experience aftereffects from the disease. Some of the longer-lasting symptoms of COVID-19 in children can include persistent shortness of breath, fatigue, anxiety and depression. In addition, many children who have been inactive while recovering have lost strength, mobility and aerobic capacity — they’ve become deconditioned.

We have designed the National Jewish Health COVID-19 Assessment Program (CAP) specifically to assess and address the lingering physical and emotional impact of this disease on children and athletes.


What Does the Program Include?

COVID-19 Assessment Program (CAP)The COVID-19 Assessment Program helps rehabilitate children with care from many different specialists. A multispecialty team, including pulmonologists, cardiologists, immunologists and behavioral health specialists, provides comprehensive evaluations and creates effective treatment programs. Our goal is to help each child get back to normal functions, school, social interactions, recreational activities and sports, and to prevent long-term issues.

CAP is a unique and comprehensive program in which children and their parents participate in appointments, disease management and therapeutic activities over three to five days, depending on the child’s needs. The program is tailored for each patient and may include:

  • Testing for COVID-19 virus and antibodies
  • Lung function evaluations while sitting and during exercise
  • Nighttime blood oxygen study
  • Formal sleep study
  • Consultations with specialists in pulmonary, immunology, cardiology, neurology, rehabilitation, speech, nutrition and infectious disease
  • Behavioral health support to address the mental and emotional health needs of patient and family
  • Treatment and follow-up plans

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Clinical Trials

Response to COVID-19 Vaccines in People with Chronic Conditions

National Jewish Health researchers are studying the antibody response to COVID-19 vaccines in people with chronic conditions.

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