The following artwork was produced by children and adolescents in various art therapy groups and individual sessions at National Jewish Health.

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Christopher Age 11
December 1997
Title: "Elmo"

Elmo is my most favorite stuffed animal and I like to draw my thing that I like.

Kyle 13 years old
November, 2000
Title: "Ducks"

I like watching ducks swim. I learned how to draw this duck in art class at school.

Emily 11 years old
February 2000

This is Iggy my dog.


Heather Age: 3½
March, 2001
I made this

This is my dad, me, a flower, my hands, and my name.

Trevor Age: 6
March, 2001
Title: “Nature"

I made a red bird because my Grandma likes red birds and I like nature.

Tia 6 years old
Title: “Art tastic”

The bird is making a nest in the tree. A butterfly is flying around and as a worm in its mouth. Flower with beautiful colors mixed together. It's a beautiful day.

Robin 18 years old
December 1999

Adrian, 15

Title: Real Vision

Look into my soul, I'm the only one who can

Some think they know the thought inside my head

That’s just because it's happened to them, they understand

What they don't know, and never will, my thought is more than what's said

I hold back emotions that may hurt another

Though it takes immense, long-practiced control

Others see an image of me, part of the truth but not my soul

Though they see what's real, they see the other

Will anyone ever know who I truly am

Is it impossible, or is there a choice to be made

Will they have to know, or will I have to show who I am

There is a choice, but is it one that can be made

Dragon By Moon Light


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