Reviewed by Gregory P. Cosgrove, MD, FCCP, Jeffrey James Swigris, DO, MS, Tristan J. Huie, MD
Some of the known causes of ILD include:

Connective Tissue or Autoimmune Disease such as:

Occupational and environmental exposure such as:

  • Inorganic dust (silica, hard metal dusts)

  • Organic dust (bacteria, animal proteins)

  • Gases, fumes


Drugs and poisons


  • Residue of active infection of any type

  • Ongoing chronic infections

Some ILDs, while we know a lot about how they affect people, have no known cause. These conditions are termed “idiopathic” (meaning of unknown cause).

Some examples of these include:

  • Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

  • Idiopathic Nonspecific Interstitial Pneumonia

  • Acute Interstitial Pneumonia

  • Sarcoidosis

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