Why Work at National Jewish Health?

Kathy Ryan Morgan: The employees have a commitment to National Jewish and the philosophy of National Jewish and its quality patient care. We're a tertiary care institution which means we're not primary care; usually we're the specialists you're referred to. And I think I can say from the physicians to the employees and a lot of us involved on the patient care side, we're dedicated and committed to taking care of the patients in the best way we can.


Derrek Ayala: We all know our job, we all know our descriptions, and we're expected to live up to it and expected to be adults, which is great, because they trust us. So they're installing a lot of trust in us and they're helping us help the physicians do a better job. It's a very good atmosphere.


Kathy Ryan Morgan: I've been here sixteen years. I've worked on both the research side and the clinical side. If you think I have longevity, sixteen years is nothing. Some of our people have been here thirty, thirty-five, forty-I think there's one even going a little bit longer than that. A lot of people come here and they stay. I can almost guarantee you that when people leave here, they can never find a sense of family again, and it's a really important thing. National Jewish is a great place to work because it has some of the best people that could ever work together as a group.