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Mother's Experience at National Jewish Health
A Patient Battles Cystic Fibrosis
Jerry Nick, MD, Treats Cystic Fibrosis
Dan Atkins, MD, Brings Research to the Bedside


Transcript of  "Mother's Experience at National Jewish Health" Video


Mother: When Ryan was born, he cried constantly. He had circles under his eyes and he was skinny, skinny, skinny. He would curl into a ball and would just scream. It's not just a baby's cry, it's full-on terrifying crying. As a mom, you just know something's wrong. I remember going to bed and crying every single night because he wasn't growing and I'm his mom and my sole responsibility is to feed him and nurture him and love him, but I was failing. I couldn't function anymore. I was done. I thought he was going to die. I constantly asked my pediatrician and said "You have to tell me if he's going to die, I need to prepare myself, because he's my baby."

Ryan is three-and-a-half now and he goes to preschool. He loves to read, he loves to throw things, he loves to eat. Every day I feel so lucky to have him because as far as I'm concerned, I still don't think he would be here without National Jewish.

Transcript of "A Patient Battles Cystic Fibrosis" Video


Patient: When I was 43, I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. That was one year after I had adopted my beautiful baby son from an orphanage in Russia. Being newly diagnosed, I was just in shock. Really thinking I had a shortened lifespan and trying to cram as much of "life" in those first few years with my son as possible, I went to Disneyland six times with him just because I felt like I've got to do everything in case I don't live long enough. My first goal when I first learned I had cystic fibrosis was to make sure I could stay alive and with him until he graduated from high school. He's a senior in high school now, so I'm thinking I'm going to see him graduate from college and see my grandchildren.

Transcript of "Jerry Nick, MD, Treats Cystic Fibrosis" Video


Patient: My regular doctor said "You need to go to National Jewish for the adult cystic fibrosis clinic and talk to the staff there."


Jerry Nick, MD: We've been able to see remarkable improvementswhen we've been able to apply the proven treatment approach to theseindividuals.


Patient: When I tell my friends about National Jewish, Idescribe the team as part of my extended family. Plus, at NationalJewish, they have the benefit of all the new research, all the newtreatments that come down the pipe. Every time I go to the clinic Isay, "Well, do you have the cure yet?" because I know that if anybodyknows, they're going to know.

Transcript of "Dan Atkins, MD, Brings Research to the Bedside" Video


Mother: We found out we were going to see Dr. Atkins. We researched about him and Dr. Atkins is the best.


Dan Atkins, MD: When I first saw Ryan, he was in a lot of trouble. He had a protein intolerance and he was irritable and having difficulty with feeding. Because we've seen a number of children like him, we felt like we could really get to the bottom of his problem and help him find things that he could eat. And help his parents find things they could feed him.


Mother: He just held our hands and took care of us as a family, which was nice because it was the first time we felt like somebody understood, and he knew right away. I mean, he knew right away. It was amazing.


Dan Atkins, MD: The special part about National Jewish is that it's an excellent research center and they can bring research to the bedside; but when you come in as a patient, it still has that friendly, family-oriented approach.