Annual Grass Walk Teaches National Jewish Health Allergy Fellows About Pollens

How do new allergists get trained? Take a walk with National Jewish Health Allergist, Richard Weber, MD, as he teaches allergy and immunology fellows how to identify different plants and educate patients about pollen seasons.


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Dr. Weber — We had our Annual Grass Walk. We meet here and it’s primarily our fellows in training, both pediatric and adult fellows. So the idea is to do the walk to identify these different types of plants and so that when our fellows are out in practice they will both know what something looks like and the time of year it’s likely to be pollinating so that when a patient comes in and says, “I’m having a terrible time right now, what is it?” you can give them a pretty good estimate of what it is.

Dr. Barberis — There’s something to touching and holding that which you’re working with to really solidify it and that helps us then eventually down the line to help treat our patients and know what they’re allergic to and how to better treat them.

Dr. Weber — Probably the additional benefit is that you get out on a beautiful morning, hopefully with a nice blue clear sky like we’ve had today and spend sometime with nature.

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