Don't let spring allergies get you down! Use these tips to manage allergy symptoms.

  • Cool Wisely

    Cool Wisely

    Use an air conditioner instead of window or attic fans to reduce allergens coming inside. Don’t use humidifiers or swamp coolers, because they can increase molds.

  • Clean Up

    Clean Up

    Change your clothes, and wash or shower away pollen after you come indoors. Wash allergens out of your nose with a saline nasal wash.

  • Block Wind

    Block Wind

    Wear a scarf or pollen mask on windy days to reduce the allergens you breathe in.

  • Know What Triggers Your Allergies

    Know What Triggers Your Allergies

    Tree pollen comes out in early spring. Late spring and early summer allergies are triggered by grasses. Weeds are the allergy culprit in late summer, and molds can cause problems year-round.

  • Garden Carefully

    Garden Carefully

    Avoid exposure to fertilizers and pesticides. Have someone else mow your lawn, and stay away from piles of leaves and branches, where molds hide.

  • Count Pollens

    Count Pollens

    Watch local pollen counts. Stay inside, and keep home doors and windows and car windows closed when pollen counts are high. Pollen levels are highest in the afternoons and evenings.

  • Take Medication

    Take Medication

    Consistently take doctor-recommended medicines and treatments so your allergies stay in check during your allergy season.



This information has been reviewed and approved by Ann Mullen, AE-C, CNS, MSN, RN (March 2018).