Can’t Sleep? Try Alternatives to Counting Sheep

Do you need helping getting back to sleep in the middle of the night? Instead of stressing about catching some Z’s, use these tips from our sleep experts to get drowsy.

  • Get out of bed.

    Get out of bed.

    Don’t struggle to get back to sleep in your bed. Prevent your bedroom from becoming a place that causes stress about sleeping by going to another room for a while.

  • Go to another room.

    Go to another room.

    Do something relaxing, such as reading or listening to quiet music, until you’re sleepy.

  • Write down your worries.

    Write down your worries.

    Clear your mind by writing down what you are worrying about or what you need to do the next day.  

  • Check the room temperature.

    Check the room temperature.

    Make your room cooler to help you snuggle into the covers and get sleepy.

  • Darken your room.

    Darken your room.

    Turn off lights, unplug night lights and close window treatments to block out light.

  • Don’t touch electronics.

    Don’t touch electronics.

    It’s tempting to surf on a smartphone when you can’t sleep, but it can stimulate your mind and make it harder to get sleepy.

  • Take deep breaths.

    Take deep breaths.

    Deep breathing helps relax your mind and body, so it can get ready to go to sleep.

  • Talk with your doctor.

    Talk with your doctor.

    If you try these tips and practice good sleep habits, but still have trouble sleeping, please contact your physician.





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