Fun & Healthy Ideas for the Lunchbox

Help fuel each day with these healthy lunch and snack ideas!

  • Popcorn


    Air-popped popcorn with salt-free seasoning is an easy, inexpensive and healthy option compared to fatty and salty chips and crackers.

  • Seeds


    Just a ¼ cup of sunflower or pumpkin seeds provides fiber, protein, and minerals that are good for you and give you energy.

  • Chocolate Chips

    Chocolate Chips

    Just 10 to 12 dark chocolate chips are enough to satisfy a sweet craving without adding a lot of fat and calories.

  • Crackers


    Whole-grain crackers have fewer calories and more fiber, protein and iron per serving than regular crackers. They are still high in sodium so watch the portion size.

  • Nuts


    Unsalted and/or roasted nuts are a low carb snack that is filling and full of protein, vitamin E, magnesium and selenium. An ounce is a good serving size. That’s about 24 almonds, 18 cashews, 15 pecans, 35 peanuts, 14 walnut halves.

  • Pudding


    Make your own or buy low- or no-sugar puddings for a slightly sweet treat that is fairly low in fat and calories, but high in taste.

  • Applesauce


    Add a cup of “no-sugar added” applesauce into the lunchbox. Chances are your kid won’t miss the added sugar.

  • Animal crackers

    Animal crackers

    This old favorite usually is fairly low in fat, calories and sugar. If you are watching carbohydrates, pay close attention to the serving size.

  • Cookies


    Reduce the sugar by half in your homemade recipes. You won’t taste the difference and less added sugar is a healthy habit.

  • Fruit & Veggies

    Fruit & Veggies

    Fresh fruit and vegetables cut into small pieces with a small container of nut or seed butter or  1-2 oz. of cheese or hummus is a healthy addition to any lunch or snack.

This information has been approved by Michelle MacDonald, MS, RDN, CDE (August 2019)