Predicting Asthma Attacks During Sleep


Trial Objective

Predicting Asthma Attacks During SleepResearchers are developing a way to predict an asthma attack in adults who have severe and difficult-to-treat asthma. Participants will use a wireless bedside monitor to collect coughing and breathing sounds while they are sleeping.


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Who Can Participate

Severe and difficult-to-treat asthma. Two or more asthma exacerbations in the past 12 months. Access to home WiFi. Owns a smartphone.

Age: 18-80    Gender: Any Gender

Estimated Time Commitment

3 months with 1 clinic visit required to receive equipment

Payment & Reimbursement  

Payment: Provided

Travel Reimbursement: Not Available

Trial Contact

For more information, contact:

Madeline Caruso

Kris Eliopoulos

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Trial Location

Remote, but first visit at National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO

Trial Sponsors

Google LLC

Principal Investigators

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