New Medication for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain

Trial Objective

New Medication for Osteoarthritis Knee PainThe purpose of this trial is to determine if a new FDA-approved medication called  Hymovis™ is effective in reducing or eliminating pain in people with osteoarthritis in their knee. The medication will be injected into the participant’s knee using a pneumatic  external compression device called KneeTap™ guided by ultrasound. This study will determine how the knee joint fluid proteins react to this medication to help reduce cartilage loss and joint pain.


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Who Can Participate

Patients who have an x-ray confirming mild to moderate osteoarthritis in the knee. Participants must not have had a knee infection or knee surgery within 12 months or a cortisone injection within 3 months of starting the study. Participants must be able to walk six minutes without a cane or walker.

Age: 21-80    Gender: Any Gender

Estimated Time Commitment

5 visits over 12 months

Payment & Reimbursement  

Payment: Provided

Travel Reimbursement: Not Available

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Mary Gill

Mary Gill

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Trial Location

National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO

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