Investigational Medication for COPD Lung Damage

Trial Objective

Investigational Medication for COPD Lung DamageOur researchers are seeing if an investigational medication called Losartan helps people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) with emphysema, a disease of the lungs.

Often caused by cigarette smoking, COPD includes symptoms of emphysema and chronic bronchitis, including shortness of breath, long-term cough, fatigue, production of mucus, wheezing and fatigue. Although some COPD medications reduce symptoms and prevent flare-ups, few have been shown to reduce damage to the lungs in people with COPD. Losartan, a medicine used to treat high blood pressure, has been shown to slow lung damage caused by COPD in animals. 


This trial is active and currently recruiting.

Who Can Participate

People over 40 with mild-to-severe COPD are eligible to participate.

Age: 40+    Gender: Any Gender

Estimated Time Commitment

7 visits, approximately 19 hours



Trial Contact

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Hayley Posoff, Trial Coordinator

Hayley Posoff

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Trial Location

National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO

Trial Sponsors

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) under the Pulmonary Trials Cooperative (PTC)

Principal Investigators

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