Healing Eczema & Improving Sleep

Trial Objective

The purpose of this study is to see if the sleep quality (how well you sleep) and quantity (how much you sleep) changes for children and their parents following treatment for moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (eczema).

Healing Eczema & Improving Sleep Clinical Trial

Study details:

  • Wearing an “activity” wrist watch

    • 1 week before admission into the Pediatric Day Program

    • 1 week a month after completion of the Pediatric Day Program.

  • Completing questionnaires at several different time points surrounding participation in the Pediatric Day Program.

  • Financial compensation


This trial is active and currently recruiting.

How to Participate

For more information, please call 303.398.1470 or complete the form below.

Who Can Participate

Only families who are enrolled in the Pediatric Day Program at National Jewish Health.


6 months - 17 years


Any Gender

Trial Location

National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO



Trial Sponsors

National Eczema Association

Estimated Time Commitment

Participation surrounds Day Program

Principal Investigators

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