Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) & Skin-Infection Risk

Trial Objective

Eczema StudyThe purpose of this study is to find out why some people with atopic dermatitis are at increased risk of developing skin infections.


This trial is active and currently recruiting.

Who Can Participate

Participation involves one, possibly two, visits, a questionnaire, blood draw and skin swab.

Participants must be age 3 to 80 and have a diagnosis of atopic dermatitis (eczema).

Age: 3-80    Gender: Any Gender

Estimated Time Commitment

1 or more visits

Payment & Reimbursement  

Payment: Provided

Travel Reimbursement: Not Available

Trial Contact

For more information, contact:

Trish Taylor

Patricia Taylor

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Trial Location

National Jewish Main Campus, Denver, CO

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