Clean Air Projects

Clean AirCampaign: Wanted Clean Air


Description: Studentswill demonstrate an understanding of why clean air is important after reading ashort story and observing pictures. They will be able to identify some of thecauses of air pollution, including solutions on how to prevent it.

5Star Rating:

Likes: I thinkit engages students in a variety of way of learning techniques (art, music,etc…)

Dislikes: Onlyconcern is that it is a fairly long activity, sometimes teachers are rushed tofit health education into the school day/year.

HelpfulHints: N/A

MissingElements: N/A

Additional Comments: I dothink students would enjoy this lesson as it engages them in a variety ofways.  Allowing students to be creativehelps capture attention well.

5Star Rating:

Likes: The questions make the studentsthink about air pollution and why we need clean air.  The steps for teaching are logical and clear.

Dislikes:  N/A

HelpfulHints: N/A

MissingElements:  None

AdditionalComments: Studentsare able to draw and be creative with this activity while still learning aboutair pollution.