Clean Air Projects

CSAP Standards: Grade 5 (CAC)
The Colors of Air Pollution Relay  Grade K
Wanted: Clean Air
Grade K
Idlers Please Stop your Engines  Grade3,4, 5
Plants on Pollution Patrol  Grade 4
Stayin Alive! How Plants and Animals Adapt to Air Pollution
Grade 4
Six Infamous Air Pollutants  Grade 5
1.1 Design, plan and conduct a variety of simple investigations X   X X   X
1.2 Select and use appropriate tools and technology to gather and display quantitative and qualitative data. X   X X x X
2.2 Measurable physical properties can be compared before and after effecting a change to verify a change has occurred and used to predict the outcome in similar circumstances.         x  
2.5 There are different types and sources of energy       X x X
3.1 Each plant or animal has different structures and behaviors that serve different functions in growth, survival, reproduction.       X x  
3.2 Green plants need evergy from sunlight and various raw materials to live, and animals consume plants and other organisms to live.       X x  
3.3 Human body systems have basic structures, functions and needs (for example: digestive, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal, muscular).     X      
3.4 There is interaction and interdependence between and among nonliving and living components of ecosystems (for example: food webs, symbiotic and parasitic relationships, dependence on rainfall, pollination).     X X x X
4.2 Natural processes change Earth's surface (for example: weathering, erosion, mountain building, volcanic activity, earthquakes and floods)     X      
4.3 Many of Earth’s resources can be conserved, recycled and depleted     X X x X
5.2 Models are used to represent events and objects (for example: comparing a map of the school to the actual school; a model of the Earth to Earth itself)   X X X