Grades 9-12

Grade High School Science Expectations (CAC)
Air Pollution 101
Air Quality Index
(CAC) Climate Change and Air Pollution
9-12 Life Sciences: Matter tends to be cycled within an ecosystem, while energy is transformed and eventually exists in the ecosystem. X X X
9-12 Life Sciences: The size and persistence of populations depend on their interactions with each other and on the abiotic factors in an ecosystem. X X X
9-12 Life Sciences: Cells, tissues organs, and organ systems maintain relatively stable internal environments, even in the face of changing external environments. X X X
9-12 Earth Systems Sciences: There are costs, benefits, and consequences of exploration, development, and consumption of renewable and nonrenewable resources. X X X
9-12 Earth Systems Sciences: The interaction of Earth’s surface with water, air, gravity, and biological activity causes physical and chemical changes. X X X
9-12 Earth Systems Sciences: Natural hazards have local, national and global impacts such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and thunderstorms. X X X
  High School Reading, Writing, and Communicating Expectations      
12 Oral Expression: Effective speaking in formal and informal settings requires appropriate use of methods and audience awareness. X X X
11 Reading for All Purposes: Complex situations require critical thinking across multiple disciplines. X X X
10 Oral Expression: Effectively operating in small and large groups to accomplish a goal requires active listening. X X X
9 Research & Resoning: Effective problem-solving strategies require high quality reasoning. X X X