The Cohen Family Asthma Institute

Clinical Care

In Denver, Colorado, and around the world, National Jewish Health is the trusted leader in caring for patients with moderate or severe asthma. In 2016, we created The Cohen Family Asthma Institute to address the need for severe asthma care, research and education. Our multidisciplinary team treats all aspects of asthma.

Since opening, the Cohen Family Asthma Institute has:

  • Clinical CareEstablished a joint, advanced clinical trials research program at National Jewish Health, staffed by research coordinators, regulatory personnel, nurses and clinical staff. The program is engaging in clinical research funded by the National Institutes of Health, the American Lung Association and the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Participated in ground breaking clinical and translational research that has led to the development of novel asthma therapies and given us insight into asthma mechanisms. This work has already led to Food and Drug Administration approval of new medications for severe asthma.

  • Recruited several leaders in asthma research and care to be a part of the Asthma Institute, including Tasha Fingerlin, PhD, Director of the Center for Genes, Environment and Health; Pamela Zeitlin, MD, PhD, Chair, Department of Pediatrics; Richard Reinhardt, PhD, Department of Biomedical Research, Hara Levy, MD, Chief, Division of Pediatric Pulmonology, and Vamsi Guntur, MD, and Brian Modena, MD, both in the Department of Medicine. These physicians and scientists will lead National Jewish Health into the future of severe asthma research and treatment.

  • Established an asthma cohort which can help characterize the Implemented a plan that transitions adolescent pediatric patients that are seen at the adult Department of Medicine with Flavia Hoyte, MD, a National Jewish Health.

  • Partnered with several groups at our collaborating institutions to standardize asthma clinical care across the United States

  • Engaged allergists and immunologists trained in multi-centered investigations in both adult and pediatric asthma.

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