Our Strategic Evolution

The early days of National Jewish Health

Since 1899, National Jewish has been serving, growing and evolving as one of the leading healthcare organizations in the world.  We are a “cause organization”, which began by treating indigent tuberculosis victims, and never billed a patient for the first 60 years of our existence.  Charity and indigent care remains a core value of the organization whose motto began as: “None may enter who can pay – none can pay who enter.” 

We grew into an innovative research institution and the world’s top respiratory hospital. We have been the number one ranked respiratory hospital in the nation for many years now and we live up to that reputation by providing the highest quality of care for each and every patient. We are ranked among the most influential research institutions in the world, known for our research and treatment of respiratory, immune and related disorders. 

We have some of the best and brightest researchers, faculty, physicians, healthcare professionals, staff and employees that you will find anywhere. And, we are known far and wide in the fields of medical research and care. We face incredible challenges, however, as we evolve. 

Although we have such a great story to tell, relatively few people outside our medical niche know who we are, what we do, or where we’re going.  In Colorado and outside of our state, we have a big job in front of us.

National Jewish Health isat the forefront of personalized medicine.

At the same time, the medical and research landscape is rapidly changing.  Providing good research, medical treatment, and education is no longer good enough.  We are moving toward a world where the concept of personalized and preventive medicine will dominate – the ability to link genetics and other technologies, research and diagnostic power to create new targeted treatment options is the future direction of healthcare – and we intend to be the world leader in that effort. We are investing millions of our dollars to build the infrastructure, products and services, recruiting clinicians and scientists and enhancing our capabilities to be the leader in the development of personalized health.

We also know that while National Jewish may be well known as a name, it is not yet a true national brand. Together, we are going to help it get there. We have spent a lot of time and resources to develop a strategic plan so that the institution can grow, expand, and flourish in this new environment. 

We are, at our core, a scientific organization that is truly in the process of transforming many elements of life as we know it, as we pursue our vision to continue to lead globally.

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Last Updated: 11/2013


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