Personalized Medicine FAQ

Question: What is personalized medicine?

Answer: Personalized medicine is a new model of healthcare that uses advanced genetic and other biomedical testing to more accurately predict and diagnose disease and identify medical treatment that is more effective with fewer adverse effects for a particular patient. This new healthcare approach can lead to medical care that overall is safer, more effective and less costly.


Question: Is personalized medicine available now?

Answer: Personalized medicine is still in the early stages but many patients currently benefit from treatment that has been customized for their genetic profile. National Jewish Health currently offers specialized diagnostic testing and best treatment options for patients with asthma or COPD. Medical treatment for some types of cancer is also showing improved results with personalized medicine.


Question: As a parent concerned about raising healthy children, how can personalized medicine help?  

Answer: As more testing becomes available, parents may be able to learn early in their child's life about specific health risks and steps they can take to reduce these risks. Helping children form healthy lifestyle behaviors can lessen their risks for developing chronic diseases such as asthma, COPD, diabetes and heart disease. 

Last Updated: 10/2015


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