Samantha, Web Strategy Director

With 20+ years of software, Web and E-Commerce experience, Samantha joined National Jewish Health in January 2008. She is responsible for the National Jewish Health Web strategy and its multiple websites, digital marketing, social media and leading the Web team's overall efforts.

Aaron, Web Project Management

With 19+ years of Web design and Web application development, social networking, SEO, E-Commerce and content administration experience, Aaron joined National Jewish Health in August 2011. He is responsible for Web project management and our 40+ website administrators throughout National Jewish Health.

Taysha, Web Content Management

With 11+ years of Web management experience, Taysha joined National Jewish Health in October 2010. She is the project lead for the development of new content and functionality for the National Jewish Health and Health Initiatives websites, as well as upgrades to the existing platform. She develops and implements social media content and facilitates the delivery of key marketing communications, including electronic newsletters, social media and featured website content.

Eric, Web Content & SEO Management

Eric has 7+ years of experience in digital marketing including web, SEO, social media and design. He joined National Jewish Health in February of 2015 with responsibility for content management and search engine optimization of our website.