Precision Medicine: What Makes You Different

Precision Medicine: What Makes You Difference

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Summary: Precision Medicine: What Makes You Difference

Highlights from 2015

We use precision medicine to look into each patient’s genes, cells and biomolecules for the most intricate understanding of each person’s disease. This knowledge helps our doctors make the correct diagnoses the first time, more effectively treat and prevent disease and help patients from around the world.


10 - 15% of Lung Cancer Mutations Are Treatable With Targeted Medications

We found mutation in a patient, which meant her cancer was treatable with a targeted medication and
doubled her life expectancy.


26% American Indian Smoking Rate

We tailored a new smoking cessation program to the specific needs of American Indians.


6 - 8 Million American Children Have Asthma

Our researchers have linked prenatal exposure to diesel exhaust and predisposition to asthma.


20 Million Americans Are Estimated to Have COPD

Our researchers are helping create individualized COPD treatments.


365 Beds at the National Jewish Health | Saint Joseph Hospital

We are working with Saint Joseph Hospital to provide the full continuum of patient care, from our clinic to the hospital and back.


More Information on National Jewish Health


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