A National Leader in Smoking Cessation

Unique Culture Inspires Unique Strategies

National Jewish Health has created a tobacco cessation program designed specifically for American Indians, who use more tobacco and have more difficulty quitting than other racial and ethnic groups.

Techniques and strategies that help most Americans quit tobacco are less successful for American Indians, in part because tobacco is an integral part of their culture and spirituality.

American Indian smoking cessation coaches build rapport by reducing initial intake questions, increasing the length of coaching calls and focusing interventions on the journey rather than a specific quit date. The goal is reduced use of commercial tobacco products rather than complete tobacco cessation.

Research and program development are progressing for two other groups with high smoking rates — members of the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender community and people with mental health issues.

One Million Calls

QuitLogix®, the National Jewish Health tobacco cessation program, served its 1 millionth caller in January 2015. Since launching its first quit line for the state of Colorado in 2002, National Jewish Health has grown to become the largest nonprofit provider of tobacco-cessation services, serving 15 states and numerous businesses and health plans. Smokers who complete the QuitLogix program are seven to 10 times more likely to successfully quit tobacco than smokers who try to quit on their own.