Highlights From 2014 at National Jewish Health: Embracing The Future Infographic

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Summary: Embracing the Future

As the leading respiratory hospital in the nation, numbers don't scare us.  They motivate us to ask hard questions and discover solutions that improve health for those with respiratory, cardiac, immune and related diseases.


15 Million Americans Have Dangerous Food Allergies

  • Our clinical trials offer hope for a cure by desensitizing patients to allergenic foods.


40,000 Americans Dies Of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Every Year

  • New medications approved in 2014 provide the first treatment to slow disease progression.


263,000 Adolescents Have Never Smoked Tobacco But Tried E-Cigarettes

  • Our experts called for research and regulations to limit children's exposure to addictive nicotine products.


3x The Number Of Visits By African Americans With Asthma Compared To Caucasians

  • Clinical trial led by National Jewish Health seeks best asthma treatments for African Americans.


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