National Jewish Medical and Research Center Begins Treatment for Multi-drug-resistant TB Patient Robert Daniels

Multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis patient Robert Daniels began treatment Friday at National Jewish Medical and Research Center and spoke by phone to his wife, Alla, for the first time in more than a month.

After viewing new CT scans of the chest and new blood-test results, Dr. Gwen Huitt, Director of the Adult Infectious Care Unit at National Jewish, adjusted Mr. Daniels’ antibiotic regimen to optimize the medications' effectiveness while limiting any potential side effects. Mr. Daniels also received nutrition counseling. Doctors want him to consume approximately 2,800 calories per day to assure that he is nutritionally sound for his anticipated surgery. Dr. Huitt said that Mr. Daniels will almost certainly undergo surgery to remove infected and damaged tissue in his lungs.

Mr. Daniels expressed great relief that he had arrived at National Jewish, both because of the care he was receiving and the everyday amenities such as television, hot water, a window, and access to a telephone. Within hours of his arrival at National Jewish on Thursday, Mr. Daniels spoke to his wife, Alla, in Russia with whom he had not talked for several months.

“That was tremendously important to me, speaking to my wife,” said Mr. Daniels.

Photo Caption/Credits

Top Photo: Robert Daniels in his hospital bed at National Jewish Medical and Research Center on Friday, the day after his arrival for treatment of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis

Bottom Photo: Robert Daniels, a multi-drug-resistant patient at National Jewish Medical and Research Center, spoke Thursday to his wife, Alla, in Russia for the first time in more than a month.

Credit for both photos: Courtesy National Jewish Medical and Research Center.

Photo taken by: William Allstetter

Last Updated: 3/2016

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