Temporary Employment For Partners

In addition to the basic difficulties of culture shock and homesickness, often it’s hard for partners to find employment. It’s important to consider that finding a job that matches experience, education and salary expectations could be a difficult process.

In the meantime, there are several temporary employment agencies (temp agencies) in Denver that offer partners the opportunity to work in a variety of settings on a short-term basis. Temping provides the opportunity to:

  • Learn about different company cultures and career fields partners might not otherwise be exposed to
  • Make contacts in partner’s area of expertise
  • Enjoy flexibility and develop new skills
  • Find a permanent job

Visit Yellow Pages to find temporary employment agencies in Denver.

NOTE: Dependents of H-1B visas do not have authorization to work in the United States. Dependents (carriers of H-4 visas) must get their own sponsorship in order to work in the United States.