Nursing Leadership Team

Chief Nursing Officer

Jeff Downing, MS, RN


Adult Services

Nurse Manager, Infusion Services

Renee Mondragon, RN, BSN
Clinical Administrator, MIDC

Susan Walsh, RN
Nurse Manager, Internal and External Pool, Clinical House Supervisor


Pediatric Services

Elizabeth Esterl, DNPc, RN
Nurse Manager

Luanne Stromer
Clinical Practice Administrator


Program Support

LeeAnn Bryant, BSN, MHS, RN
Infection Preventionist

Deborah Fending, RN, AE-C
Staff Development Nurse

Mary McMahon, RNC, MS, CHST-CP
Clinical Specialist Informatics

Ann Mullen, RN, CNS, MSN, AE-C, CDE
Patient Education Coordinator

Last Updated: 10/2015

Our Reputation Attracts Top Nurses
The opportunity to be at the forefront of medicine and science is a big reason why National Jewish Health is able to recruit the best nurses in the nation and avoid nursing shortages that plague many hospitals. 

Turning Treatment Plans into Reality
Expert Nurses Never Stop Educating, Explaining, and Demonstrating
Patients never leave the hospital without a full understanding of their disease and practical tools to manage it thanks to the nurses at National Jewish Health.