Nursing Opportunities

Nuses in the Infection Prevention Program at National Jewish HealthAt National Jewish Health we recognize the value of our nurses' contributions to our health care environment and their promotion of an atmosphere of clinical excellence. We build systems that support nursing practice and teamwork and create an atmosphere that encourages nursing excellence.

As one of the foremost treatment and research facilities in the heart of Denver, CO, we offer unique nursing opportunities in the following areas:

Adult Care Unit

The Adult Care Unit provides services for a unique population of patients with chronic diseases such as bronchiectasis and other severe respiratory diagnoses. The nurses work with the clinical care team to manage the care of patients.

The RNs’ specialty skills include:

  • Use of advanced vascular access devices
  • Care for pulmonary surgery patients
  • Extensive dressing changes
  • Management of patients with a variety of chest tubes.

Professional nurses partner with team members of multiple disciplines including MAs, CNAs, respiratory therapists, social workers, nurse practitioners, dietitians, rehab, fellows and attending physicians.

Pediatric Care Unit
Adult Clinic
Pediatric Clinic
Infusion Centers
Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Center (MIDC)
Clinical Telephonic Nursing Center (CTNC)

  • 1 "I enjoy the many opportunities to educate patients and families. It's great to see that patients have more control over their disease simply by knowing more."
  • 2 "I continue to be impressed by the dedication and expertise of the nurses I work with. The nurses give 110% to the patients and families for whom they care."
  • 3 "I enjoy working in a specialized area in which I can frequently use my skills of assessment and nursing care in both acute and non-acute care."
  • 4 "I work in an environment where everyone is constantly challenging themselves to the do best they can, and is always looking to improve upon the status quo."

Last Updated: 10/2015


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