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2016 Outstanding Nurse of the Year: Clinical Practice Nurse
Awardee: Laura Van Brocklin BSN, CVN-BC

Laura Van BrocklinLaura currently works as a Registered Nurse in the Cardiology Clinic at National Jewish Health. She is a certified cardiovascular nurse. Laura is seen as a resource by her colleagues. Colleagues who nominated her stated, “When assisting another staff member with questions Laura explains her thought process in troubleshooting so that the person may thoroughly understand the answer.” “Laura notifies staff of learning opportunities. Laura has ideas regarding bringing updated guidelines to the clinics.”In addition colleagues stated, “We once had an elderly woman that had to get a heart cath done and Laura received a call from the daughter saying she was petrified to go through with it. The patient was in the Smith waiting room and before she left Laura took her on a tour of the cath lab, introduced her to the cath lab staff, and answered all her questions and concerns. The patient was able to complete the heart cath, but I do not think it could have been done without Laura's compassion and dedication.”

Laura presented at the Nursing Holiday Program, Women and Cardiac Health, which was well received.

Laura is the Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA). She developed a Journal Club for PCNA which is held at National Jewish Health twice a year. Laura is working towards a Family Nurse Practitioner and Doctorate in Nursing Practice. In addition to all this, she volunteers at Walk with a Doc and was a previous Reading Buddy at the Morgridge Academy.

Other nominees for Clinical Practice Nurse of the Year:

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Clinic Pam Cowen-Resource Nurse
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 Katie Harris-ENT Clinic
Leslie Hoff-Nursing Pool
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Virginia Jones-ADU

Dthia Kalkwarf-Diabetes Clinic
Robin Lingg LaGrone-Pulm Clinic
Deb O’Dell Ross-ADU
Stacy Olson-Chemo Infusion
Rebecca Regidor-Rheum Clinic
Barbara Strain-Allergy Clinic
Sherly Thomas-ILD Clinic
Laura VanBrocklin-Cardiology
Angie VanIwaarden-Garcia Peds
Joy Wahl-Thoracic Surgery

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Last Updated: 2/2016

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