Running and Knitting Replace Smoking

Molly Shofner, former Quit Line Coach, Scheduling Department

MollyI am National Jewish Health and one change can have an amazing impact in a person’s life.

I remember one particular individual in Colorado that called the Quit Line at National Jewish Health. At the age of 33 he decided to transform his life by quitting smoking. He was training to run a marathon at the time and was very happy to report one day that he beat one of his training times by 2 full minutes. When he reached two and half months of being smoke-free he felt fantastic and said that he was also knitting on occasion to stay distracted.

He received a lot of positive support from family and friends who surrounded him and were happy to see him making strong decisions to better his health. This accomplishment made him feel a tremendous amount of success in his personal life, made him feel more successful at work and led him to believe that nothing was holding him back in life.

Quitting smoking is very challenging and success stories such as this encourage others to achieve their own personal goals to better their health.