Healthy Changes Impact Lives

John Brandstetter, Quit Line Coach

JohnI am National Jewish Health and have seen how actions speak louder than words when I share the example of a 73 year-old woman who quit tobacco.

After 50 years of smoking, this woman in Iowa stopped.  She improved her well being and transformed her life by eliminating all the toxins she had been breathing in for so many years. Improved taste sensation was a pleasant surprise for her when she quit. She even felt that this led her to gaining some extra weight, though she commented that for her, it was a good thing.

She now calls smoking an “unsavory habit” and no longer finds the smell of smoke appealing. Instead of spending money on cigarettes, she decided to make a positive impact by donating the extra money she saved towards a charity for animals. She transformed her own life and was also getting ready to better the lives of many animals in need.

Sometimes when I speak with people younger than that 73 year-old woman, and they say they feel too old to quit, I share how she transformed her life by quitting. Her energy is paid forward in creating a spark that encourages other smokers to feel that they too can accomplish their own personal goal of quitting smoking and living a more balanced life.