Quit Line Success Transforms Lives

Elizabeth Lull, Quit Line Coach

ElizabethI am National Jewish Health and I want to share that the people whom we keep closest to us can sometimes spread their positive energy and influence change in our own lives. Some of the participants quitting tobacco with us demonstrate this in a big way and transform the lives of those around them.

One of our recent success stories from the Colorado Quit Line involves a 36-year old man who feared serious health consequences if he didn’t quit. He made the decision to stop smoking and talked both his wife and his boss into quitting with him. Between home and work he spent a lot of time around these two individuals and knew that remaining tobacco free would be easier if all three did it together.

After nine-months of quitting tobacco, he was ecstatic that he was able to get the three of them to quit together and that all three were still going strong. He advised others around him to call the Quit Line so they too would benefit from the support of the coaches and enjoy a “life so much better now that I’m smoke-free.”

With his new smoke-free lifestyle and improvement to his health and the health of two people close to him he said that he enjoyed a wonderful time hiking and being active over the summer with the ones he loves.