Cans For Morgridge Academy Tranforms Outdoor Experience for Kids

Bernard Wolf, Safety Department

BernardI am National Jewish Health and this story describes how the caring nature of our employees changes the lives of Morgridge Academy students.

After my first year of volunteering as an adult supervisor for Morgridge Academy students at the Cal-Wood outdoor educational school, I decided to purchase hiking boots, and backpacks for as many students as I could who would attend Cal-Wood the next year.

Concurrently, I noticed we were not recycling aluminum cans at National Jewish Health. Thus the idea of Cans for Morgridge Academy was conceived. We placed recycling containers around campus and encouraged employees to recycle their empty soda cans to benefit Morgridge Academy students.

With the blessings of Peter McAlevey, John Reid, Angela Rossi, and Jay Skarda, the Cans for Morgridge Academy program began on March 10, 2006.  Since then, we have

  • Recycled over 2,800 lbs of aluminum
  • Earned nearly $2,000 for Morgridge Academy students
  • Helped conserve natural resources
  • Provided outdoor school supplies for many children

In addition, since August of this year, Brandon Engel in Food Services contributed over 1,000 lbs of the tin food cans generated by the cafeteria have been recycled.

I have witnessed how the students at Morgridge Academy, most are inner city youth, learn in awe and wonder among the birds, flowers and pines. They are inspired by the opportunity to attend an outdoor school and appreciative of the much needed supplies.

Thanks to everyone at National Jewish Health who support Cans for Morgridge Academy.