Immune Deficiency Program

National Jewish Health is a leader in the area of immune deficiency — both in the care of patients and in research. We have developed many diagnostic tests that are designed to help diagnose immunodeficiency disorders. The effort is ongoing as the genetic basis for many immunodeficiency disorders is discovered at an increasingly rapid pace.

We run a state-of-the-art intravenous immunogloblin (IVIG) infusion room. This has been a pioneer program that provides an environment and atmosphere more like a home than a hospital or clinic. Our rapid infusion protocol has resulted in success with individuals who come in regularly for their infusions. This minimizes loss of time from work or school and fosters compliance.

In the area of immune deficiency, we emphasize preventive care. The atmosphere is very positive and individuals are not treated as being "sick." Our approach has resulted in patients who have a dramatic decrease in infections, fewer symptoms and a good response to oral antibiotic therapy.


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