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How Should you Measure your Research Impact?

Publishers, funders, promotion committees and researchers use metrics–like impact factor or h-index–to assess how pivotal research was in a given community. Learn about new metrics to assess impact.

New Permissions Allow Nature Article Sharing

Nature announced this month a new content-sharing policy. The policy allows all research papers within the publication to be shared by subscribers to anyone via a screen-view format. Read more.

LexiComp Mobile

It will look familiar to you because UpToDate uses a limited version of Lexi-Comp for drug content. See how to get mobile access.

Database Elements for Tracking
the Acquisition and Display of E-journals

For the User:




Journal TitleBibliographicSorting on "the", "and", and ampersands
URLClickable AccessDurable and direct URL without extra steps the best. Not always available; then complicated explanations needed.
Username and Password, if requiredAccessDifficult to make available to user
HoldingsBibliographicDifficult to get, one at a time; change as publishers adds backfiles.

For the librarian:




How purchased (use codes?)To get what you pay for and prioritize your workMany ways to purchase a title. Often end up purchasing same title from different sources.
Is it free to all on the web?To give more access to usersList everything or just those in scope?
Print includes free onlineCan change without notice to an extra cost and publisher cuts off access without notice.
Print comes with online at an extra costHow much more are you willing to pay: 25%? 33%?
Online onlyWill anyone ever know you own it if it is not on the shelf and they know nothing about online journals.
Part of an aggregation with a platform feeTo troubleshoot as a groupOften expensive; often not sold to smaller libraries.
A separate license from the print altogether (example: Science)
Vendor title numberTo claim online editionRely mostly on user complaints; often access cut off without notice.
Subscription code from print journal coverTo activate the title at the publisher's siteUsually toss info; messy to collect.
Administrator's Username and Password, if requiredTo change your IP ranges and other dataWhen asked for a password - often do not know if it for users or an admin password
SubjectTo organize for the userNot easy to display on the web; especially if there are multiple subjects. Most Database programs do not index.
ILS Bib record numberTo coordinate with the print productPrint and/or electronic Bib number? Or both?
ISSN - to identifyPrint and/or electronic?; Sometime multiple.
Imprint - to identifyWho does publish it? The print publisher who collects the data or the online publisher who displays it?
Price - printOnly if you don't keep this elsewhereDifficult to get what your cost increase is when you pay for an electronic edition.
Price - extra for onlineOnly if you don't keep this elsewhereditto
Access from more than one sourceHow many can be handled?Difficult to display on the Web or in a catalog
Notes and Comments - free text fieldTo track activity not covered by other fields

Date all notes
Notes are often on different problems but more than one field confusing

Aggregator name or groupTo handle problems as a groupWhen you order a title you usually do not know whether it is a single title or part of an aggregation
Use StatisticsTo eveluated titleIn all formats, one title a time. Difficult to collect.

Faculty Publications

Differential susceptibility of human lung primary cells to H1N1 influenza viruses. PubMed

Right ventricular diastolic function and exercise capacity in COPD. PubMed