Respiratory Care Services

  • Airway clearance devices, provision of the device and teaching how to use it. (Vibratory PEP Therapy, i.e., Acapella or Flutter Valve).
  • AirVest airway clearance therapy
  • Antibiotic aerosol treatments
  • Arterial blood gases
  • Discharge planning, in coordination with the Discharge Planner, Continuity of Care Coordinator, and/or other applicable team members.
  • Chest physical therapy (postural drainage & percussion teaching)
  • CPAP & non-invasive positive pressure ventilation trials & mask fittings
  • Education of patients and/or their families
  • Oxygenation assessments
  • Spirometry
  • Sputum induction procedures
  • Use of pharmaceutical agents administered directly to the respiratory tract.

Various other therapeutic and diagnostic procedures may also be available from the RCP if they fall within the Scope of Practice of the Respiratory Therapy profession. For more information about Respiratory Care Professionals refer to the American Association of Respiratory Care and/or the National Board for Respiratory Care.

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