Preparing for Your Test

Patients and caregivers may download free Test Facts from our website. Test Facts explain the test(s) you may be scheduled for, what to expect during the test and how to prepare for the test. Arrive to your test with the information you need and feel better prepared for the process.

Tests We Offer

In addition to a physical exam and reviewing your family history of disease, tests can be performed to help with diagnosis. These tests also help your doctor evaluate and/or treat your condition more effectively.

More information on where to go for your scheduled tests.

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FREE Health Education Materials

There a number of print materials to support patient education at National Jewish Health. You are welcome to download our materials as PDF documents.

Learn About Diseases

Med Facts are information handouts on a variety of health topics that provide information on diseases, avoidance measures, inhalation techniques and more. These publications are available to download as PDF documents.

Understanding Booklets

To order any of the Understanding Booklets listed below, email Jeanann Jones at or contact Lung Line at 1.877.225.5654. Some of the Understanding Booklets are available to download as PDF document.


If you have questions, please call Ann Mullen, RN, MSN, AE-C, Patient Education Coordinator, at 303.398.1410.  

Last Updated: 5/14