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2014 AIR Society Benefit Honoring Michael A. Rodriguez
President, Alliance Building Services

Justin E. Magazine
Roger Silverstein

The Sponsors are a select company of individuals, foundations and private corporations who believe in the mission of National Jewish Health to heal, to discover and to educate as a preeminent health care institution.

As National Jewish Health prepares to meet the economic and social challenges confronting medical and research institutions nationwide, these Sponsors play an increasingly important role. The support of the Sponsors helps to ensure a second century of discovery and care at National Jewish Health.
Because of our cutting-edge research and personalized patient care, National Jewish Health is recognized as a beacon of hope for those suffering from asthma, allergies and immune-related disorders. Sponsors support the work of these scientists and physicians.
Sponsors will be instrumental not only to the answers found today but also to those discoveries made in the years to come. Thanks to our resolute supporters, National Jewish Health continues to make a healthful difference in the lives of thousands of people.

The Event Committee expresses its appreciation to the donors listed below for their contribution:

VIP Event Sponsors

Stacey & Roger Silverstein

VIP Platinum Sponsors

Ashkenazy Acquisition

Kathy Chazen & Larry Miller

VIP Premiere Sponsors

VIP Gold Sponsors

Simona & Jerome Chazen

Harriet & Steven Croman

The Haroche Family and the Daybreak Group

Nazee & Joseph Moinian

Emmory, Marla & Marc Shapses

Rory Tahari

Silver Sponsors

Benjamin Gittlin Foundation

The Donaldson Organization

Finlay Installation Company, Joshua Glaser

Joshua Glaser