Rhona Guberman, Chair
Janet Verdiglione, Co-Chair

Kathy Fryburg
Judy Haas*
Dolores Hartzmark*
Anne Jacobson*
Lisa Jenson
Roberta Kalmanson
Carole Mahler
Jane Mandell*
Linda Myrick
Myrna Norwitz
Donna Robins
Glenaan Robbins*
Arleen Roberts
Sally Rossi-Rosenberg
Lila Siegel*
Sheila Stern*
Shirley Stern
Barbara Tornberg*
Elaine Weinberg*
Scarlet Weiss

* National Trustee

I am unable to attend, but would like to Make a Donation.


Contact Information

For more information, to make reservations or to sponsor the event, call Millie Rosenberg at 561.477.5400 or email