We are family, friends and supports of nj4kids, the pediatric department at Naitonal Jewish Health (NJH).  This non-sectarian institution in Denver, CO does not turn anyone away from its doors, regardless of ability to pay.

Do you know a child with eczema, food allergies or asthma?  If you do, then you may know how difficult these diseases are to manage.  It was only after years of misery and searching for answers that we discovered nj4kids.  This hospital literally saves children from suffering eczema, asthma and food allergies.  Children and their families learn how to live and manage life with these and other incurable diseases.  NJH changes the lives of its patients and their families from hopelessness and despair to happy, fulfilling days with bright futures for these children.

We hope that you will join us for cocktails, live music, a silent auction and most importantly supporting nj4kids at National Jewish Health.