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  • The Morgridge Academy is a unique, day school program for approximately 90 students in grades K-8 who require medical assistance during the normal school day. The school is approved by the Colorado Department of Education and is located on the grounds of National Jewish Health in Denver. Children who attend the school have medical problems, which have caused frequent absences from regular school.
  • The children at Morgridge Academy suffer from serious respiratory diseases, including asthma. Others have juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, sickle cell anemia and heart problems. Because of their serious illnesses, these children require immediate access to medical attention. The majority of the children are from low-income and minority neighborhoods in Denver's inner city.
  • There is no charge for students to attend Morgridge Academy. Thanks to donors, National Jewish Health provides the majority of funding for the school, with the Colorado Department of Education providing the rest. The Morgridge Academy is accredited by the Colorado Department of Education.
  • Success at the Morgridge Academy comes in three varieties: medical, academic and overall quality of life. Students at the school succeed in all three.
    • In medical terms, Morgridge Academy students show immediate improvement. Morgridge Academy nurses help students understand and manage their illnesses. The result? Most Morgridge Academy students experience a precipitous drop in total medical visits. Their health improves, and along with it their self-esteem.
    • In the classroom, small class sizes give teachers the time to focus on the needs of each student. Within months, they are on the path to improvement as demonstrated through rising test scores on state assessment tests. At the Morgridge Academy, students’ scores steadily improve and outpace the success of their facility school peers in all areas of the test — reading, writing and math.
    • When it comes to quality of life, Morgridge Academy students go from apprehensive, sick children who have been shut off from many of the joys of childhood to healthier, happier boys and girls. Their families see their children blossom academically and socially. Parents, particularly single parents, can go to work confident that they will not receive a phone call from an emergency room.

Because of the specialized programs and services offered at Morgridge Academy, operating costs are much greater than the cost to run a typical public school. The annual budget for the Morgridge Academy is approximately $2.28 million each year. Of this amount, about $530,000 is reimbursed through the Colorado Department of Education and other government sources. To continue to operate the Morgridge Academy, more than $1.75 million must be raised through private contributions each year.

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