Grand Marshals

Kathy and Ted Brown
Robin and Cole Finegan
Tim Gill and Scott Miller
Debbie and Donald Silversmith


Beaux Arts Ball Leadership


Lindsey and Stanton Dodge
Ann and Tripp Kerr
Bridget and David Kornder

Executive Committee

Sue and John Bolger
Sunny and Norman Brownstein
Robin and Steven Chotin
Jennifer Crick and Justin Cooper
Cathy and Peter Dea
Margie and Thomas Gart
Arlene and Barry Hirschfeld
Kristen and Marc Holtzman
Megan and Mariner Kemper
Rebecca and Lewis Kling
Bonnie and David Mandarich
Carrie and John Morgridge
Jill and James Reynolds
Kristin and Blair Richardson
Sheila and Hassan Salem
Linda and Rich Schierburg
Susan Juroe Schonbrun
and Michael Schonbrun

Leadership Committee

Bei Lee and Bill Gold
Marie and Marty Herzog
Evi and Evan Makovsky
Essie and Jordon Perlmutter
Susan and Eddie Robinson
Cathy and Brad Rothhammer
Geri and Meyer Saltzman
JoAnn and Martin Semple
Kelly and Marc Steron
Ellen Stewart and Donald Vancil
Lisa and Curt Thompson
Evan and Meghan Zucker