Asthma Wizard

The Asthma Wizard: Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Meet the Asthma Wizard

Chapter 2

What Is Asthma?

Chapter 3

Can You Catch Asthma?

Chapter 4

Early Warning Signs

Chapter 5

Asthma Symptoms

Chapter 6

What Makes Asthma Worse?

Chapter 7

What Is a Peak Flow Meter?

Chapter 8

How to Use a Peak Flow Meter

Chapter 9

What Are Peak Flow Zones?

Chapter 10

Asthma Medicine

Chapter 11

How Asthma Medicine Works

Chapter 12

Taking Asthma Medicine

Chapter 13

An Asthma Attack

Chapter 14

Tina Goes to a Party

Chapter 15

Colds and Asthma

Chapter 16

What Can Kids with Asthma Do?

Chapter 17

Do You Know What Happens When You Smoke?

Chapter 18

Why the Wizard Does Not Smoke

Chapter 19

Winter Holidays

Chapter 20

Going to School

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