Tina packing her medicine

Tina will take her allergy medicine with her when she goes to parties. She takes an EpiPen® in case she eats peanuts by accident. She packs everything in her fanny pack. She will watch for allergy symptoms when she is at the party.

Hannah and the Wizard with a menorah

Hannah is prepared. Her family lights candles during the holidays. They make sure the candles don't smell a lot. Hannah has trouble breathing and sneezes when she is around strong smells.

Wizard with list

The Wizard says, Remember to take care of your allergies during the holidays. This means you need to:

  • Watch for things that make your allergies worse,
  • Remember to take your medicines every day,
  • Remember to take your allergy medicine with you in case you have allergy symptoms,
  • Watch for allergy symptoms.

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