Pediatric Asthma: Irritants

Many substances can irritate the nose, throat or airways. Common irritants include smoke such as tobacco smoke, smoke from wood-burning or kerosene stoves and fireplaces, aerosol sprays, strong odors, dust and air pollution. Cigarette smoke is one of the most common irritants and is a strong cause of asthma symptoms.

Actions You Can Take

  • It is important that no one smokes in the home or car with a child who has asthma.
  • If you smoke, try to give up smoking. Ask the doctor about techniques that are helpful.
  • Avoid smoke exposure in the child’s school or day care setting.
  • Always look for non-smoking sections in public areas.
  • Avoid aerosol sprays, perfumes, strong cleaning products and other odor sources in the home. Clean when your child is not home when possible.
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