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The Asthma Wizard
Chapter 4: Early Warning Signs Page 3

Tina and grownup

Tina uses early warning signs to help take care of her asthma. When she does feel any of her early warning signs, she tells a grown-up who can help:

  • At school she can tell her teacher
  • At soccer practice she can tell her coach
  • At home she can tell her mom or dad

These people know Tina needs to slow down when she has early warning signs.

Slowing down at home can mean reading or watching TV.

playing soccer fast

playing soccer slow

Slow down

Slowing down at soccer practice can mean resting a little while.

The Wizard says:

The Wizard says: Remember, early warning signs are things you feel before you have trouble breathing. When you feel any early warning signs, tell a grown-up.

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